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Rippery Easy Shiner

Rippery Easy Shiner

Ripper Keitech Easy Shinner is literally a legendary bait from the workshop of the Japanese company Keitech. Of course, there are coarse salt particles, a strong squid aroma and an irresistible movement, which is a magnet for perch, zander, pike and trout.

Keitech Easy Shiner was created by a combination of the most proven baits of the Keitech brand, ie a combination of Shad Impact - body and Swing Impact - tail baits. The flat body of the Easy Shiner tilts irresistibly to the sides, thus indicating the rhythm in which its tail ends end in the hoof.

The bait is made of extra soft silicone, contains coarse pieces of salt and a squid-flavored attractant, whose scent is extremely effective at catching perch, zander, pike and trout. In larger sizes it is also suitable for catfish fishing. There are holes on the bottom and top, thanks to which it is possible to fit the Offset hook perfectly.

The part of the artificial bait between the body of the hoof and the tail is very thin, which ensures that the Keitech Easy Shiner moves temptingly and significantly to the sides, and temptingly vibrates the tail even with very slow guidance or the drop of the bait through the water column.

It is a legendary and fantastic bait from the Keitech workshop for spinning, suitable for fishing for trout, perch, zander and pike. The bait can be towed on a classic jig head, it can also be used on a Drop Shot, Carolina or Texas rig.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 138 items