The winner is Jan Žežulka, who broke his rod and almost lost his pants while catching a zander. We will contact Honza and send the winch afterwards - big congratulations. Thanks to everyone else for sharing their catches and stories. We have more competitions planned in the future, so follow us so you don't miss out...

Read Honza's story:

I get to the spot, pick up a finer rod, put on an Easy Shiner 3.5” in Grape and try for some bass. A few throws and the 1st shot comes, a small "C". I release the fish, cast further and the 2nd knocker comes, I hook and it farts like a madman and the upper part of the rod is carried along the line into the water. I look incomprehendingly, I tackle the fish and another, slightly better pike appears. So I put the broken rod aside and thought that if the pike are coming, I'll take a 12-35g rod, a bigger bait and try to throw it around. It didn't take long and the right hard kick came, it worked out great, better shot on the rod. Below the bank, my pike got stuck in the gills, so I don't hesitate, I drop my pants and go to free him... I just don't want to lose this fish. I picked up the cédo in order, took a picture and immediately released it so as not to bother him anymore in this heat. At least he lifted my spirits from the broken rod.
Lure: Keitech Easy shiner 4.5” in Electric Chicken color.