Rapala Jointed - a lure that has had a firm place in our boxes for more than 25 years. Catfish, zander, asp, pike, chub and bream. Thanks to Jointed, these fish ended up on our rods and are firmly etched in our memories. So let's take a closer look at Jointed's teeth.

Rapala Jointed is produced in sizes 7, 9, 11 and 13 cm. Our favorites are the two largest, i.e. J11 and J13. And it is these two that we will cover today. Jointed we use it when hunting on rivers. Going out on the river in the evening without Jointed is unthinkable. We use J11 in shallower parts and J13 in deeper parts. J13 also has a more aggressive action thanks to its blade, and you can get it to greater depths. While the J11 usually works at a depth of up to 1-1.5 m (it depends, of course, on the current and the strength of the line used), it is no problem to get the J13 up to 2.5 m. During the day, we like to use them in currents for bream, asp and chun and at night for zander and catfish. We even captured one of the expeditions to Italy exclusively on J13 (specifically, it is a piece in SFC color in the opening photo). It is not an exception when a chub over 50 cm hits your Jointed during a night catfishing. I remember a season when we regularly caught so many chubs over 50cm at night that our UL rods were crying at home. On the very shallow and gravelly parts of the river, Jointed and I often plow the bottom and catch bream.

In short, the Jointed is a very versatile lure that every river hunter should have in his box.