EMTE spinner. A lure that resists modern trends. Even the biggest trout fell under the spell of this "ordinary" spinniner. Not to mention countless chub and perch.

Czech made EMTE spinners are an inherent part of our trout and chub boxes. Sizes 0 (2 g), 1 (2.75 g) and 2 (4 g) in all colors have brought us countless perfect experiences. Yes, today we can already find dozens of more modern lures. Lures that are more sophisticated, prettier, more perfect. But even so, we always have a few of these proven spinners with us.

We take EMTE spinners not only on streams, rivers or larger trout rivers, where it is not a problem to guide them both with the current (we do not take them in very strong sections, however, we have other favorites here) and downstream, but we also fish with them for perch in lakes . We use copper and gold in dark water. Silver and black to clean water. More than once, black has saved our outings on sunny days from being a total failure. And the fact that spinners get a patina over time does not bother us at all, on the contrary, we take it as an advantage. Often the matte proved to be more effective. However, if the patina bothers you, just take a dish sponge or fine sandpaper and the spinner will be as good as new.

The EMTE spinner is a must-have lure.