Another lures that you will find in my trout box is the FishUp Tanta. A rubber that slightly deviates from a large number of all larvae, pupae or worms. A lure that has already fully replaced my previously favorite nymph.

The huge advantage of Tanta is that you can fish with it both "passively", i.e. just let it slowly sink through the column, let it drift down the river, roll it along the bottom, very slowly attract it (all this will be fully stopped by any pupa or larva ), but also "actively". Thanks to its unique ribbing and very thin tail, the Tanta works excellently even when you let your imagination run wild and start playing with the movement a little. As I already mentioned in the introduction, that's why she fully replaced the nymph for me. Baiting on a jig, weighted hook, dropshot, or with shot. There are no limits to imagination here either.

Tanta is what I turn to when all natural forms fail and very often she has saved me from zero. In addition to trout, it can be used to trick perch, chub and all white fish. A friend with a brown and black Tanta, loaded only with a hook, goes specifically for carp in the summer and very often catches more than colleagues fishing on the surface or with floats. For me, however, Tanta is one of the top lures for trout. I reach for bright colors when hunting for rainbows. After white and dark when hunting brook trout.

Those of you who are serious about trout fishing should definitely include Tanta among your lures. You might be surprised just like I once was.