New from Libra Lures, which quickly found a permanent place in my box. Allow me to introduce you to Fatty D'Worm Tournament 55.

A shorter and skinnier version of the famous Fatty D'Worm, which I loved so much last year when fishing with pairs, is exactly what was missing from the Libra Lures range. I've been testing them on privateers since the beginning of the year, and now a few days after its launch, Tournament has very quickly won a firm place in my box. Anyone who closely follows our Facebook and Instagram knows that this earthworm accounts for most of my trout this year. It's true, a week after the start it's still too early to draw any conclusions, but when you meet fishermen at the water with the words "nothing", "there's not even a scale here", "zero",... and you leave every outing with about twenty fish, it's clearly you've just found something you can't just take off the hook.

A huge advantage of the Tournament is its softness and "smell", if you can call the incredible stench that way. But this is what every lure from Libra Lures offers you. What I see as a real game changer is the ability to lead. Yes, you can let the Tournament drift classically downstream and you'll basically catch a lot of fish anyway. However, those who prefer more active ways of leading will find their way here. Even with a simple drag against the current, the Tournament starts to really struggle and reminds me of the days when I went trout fishing with a fly rod and pulled rabbit streamers. The movement is simply amazing and literally irresistible to the fish. And what if you start fiddling with the lead a little. The fish literally go crazy. And at the moment of the shot, the aforementioned softness and smell come into play, when the fish hardly recognizes the betrayal and bait And one more advantage that pleases you - you avoid really small fish.  

Tournament is definitely a lure that I can recommend to everyone.