The start of the trout season is finally over. To start, I chose a smaller river, where I caught a lot of brook trout last year and they would make me very happy. I got up early in the morning to be at the water at 6 and could finally throw for the first time. The weather didn't suit me very well, it was only a few degrees above zero and a cold wind was blowing. So the conditions played against me, but I still believed that at least something would work out. About the third shot came the first shot and I pulled out a beautiful brook trout. I was very happy that I managed to start so quickly and I continued enthusiastically. Within half an hour, I caught two more smaller brook trout. It didn't go well anymore, so I moved to a deeper part of the river. There were more shots here. I caught several rainbows about 35 cm and one brook trout about 30 cm. At the end of the hunt, however, I experienced great disappointment, because just before the landing net I fell a beautiful stream, which did not lack much up to 40 cm, but that's the way it goes. The most successful bait of the day was the classic white sandpiper from Berkeley. How did you get started? Write us your experiences in the comments below the post.