Stradic, the standard of reels in the middle price class. Whenever a customer comes and wants a reel under 5000 CZK, Stradic is the first thing I reach for. And you will find out why in the following lines.

I still remember when I bought my first proper reel during my studies at university. It was a white Stradic 4000FA. A reel that everyone recognized at first sight. A reel I called the poor man's Twin back then. The only thing that bothered me was the double handle, which luckily I was able to replace. Stradic kept me company for years, before it was gradually replaced by baitcasting reels and Twin Power. After FAs, x different variations of Stradics appeared on the market, but none of them ever convinced me to buy one. Either they didn't look good to me from a technical point of view, or I didn't try some color combinations. And then suddenly came the Stradic FL. An unobtrusive metallic silver reel with huge potential. When I picked it up for the first time, I couldn't believe that the Twin Power costs almost as much. There was no other way and it was decided. I will buy both the Twin Power and the Stradic and put them to the long-term test. Now, after two seasons, I can say with a calm heart that whoever bought the Stradic certainly did not make a mistake. Yes, it has a few grams more than the Twin Power. Some may not like it. But you will have a hard time looking for a hardworking one on the market that will serve you to your satisfaction for a price of less than CZK 5,000.

A lot of friends around me have them. I personally own 4000 and 5000. I take both on holiday to the sea where I soak them in salt water daily and for the rest of the season they are on my boat rods and my barbel special. A colleague catches river zanders with them. Stradics are the reels that I don't worry about and that I use for heavy work or when I know that the reels could come into harm's way. And so far they are still working perfectly. Smooth running, long throws, quality brake. Stradic will give you all that. It has no competition in the price/performance ratio for a medium-sized train. One of my friends even uses it for catfishing. Personally, I would choose baitcasts or at least Twin Power PG here, but so far even his works without losing the flower.

If you are looking for a partner that will not let you down and last more than a few seasons, be sure to include the Stradic in your search.