New colors of Rapala wobblers for 2022, now new on our e-shop. These are the two new colors BAP and BLK that can now be found on the X-Rap Countdown, Rapala Shadow Rap Shad, Rapala Skitter Pop and Rapala Shadow Rap models. These natural colors work great on cautious fish, are suitable for clean water and fall fishing. Rapala X-Rap Countdown flies very far, attracts with vibrations, sound and shine. The ability to make sudden changes in movement is also an advantage. The Shadow Rap Shad model has a very aggressive reeling motion and thus irritates all predators in the vicinity. The Shadow Rap model makes jerky sharp turns with rocking movements, perfectly imitating the last fight of a dying minnow. The Skitter Pop model is designed for surface fishing. Thanks to the shape of the head, the lure creates a cluster of bubbles in the water accompanied by a specific sound that is irresistible to predators. Detailed information about each model can be found in our e-shop.