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New Cicada DUO Realis Shinmushi 40 Sunset Moth View larger

Cicada DUO Realis Shinmushi 40 Sunset Moth

Medium size popular cicadas DUO. Cicadas have been experiencing a big boom lately and it's no wonder. This type of bait has not been well known in Europe and it brings better results.

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Cicada DUO Realis Shinmushi , medium size popular cicada DUO. Cicadas have been experiencing a big boom lately and it's no wonder. This type of bait has not been well known in Europe and it brings better results. As expected, the biggest successes come from the cicadas in the summer months, when the fish are most active. When hunting for surface baits, it is important to realize that predators see the wobbler most often from below towards the sky. Therefore, when choosing colors, we focused primarily on this contrast. In the menu you will find black Abuzerami, which is great for hunting on clear sunny days. If it is cloudy, it is good to choose a light belly Frogster Flye. Brown (Beetle) and green (Kinkane) are universal colors for most situations. DUO engineers are always looking for a way to improve something perfect, and Shinmushi has really succeeded! Shinmushi is actually a jigsaw puzzle that can be customized. The central eye in which the triple hook is attached acts as a screw. The whole Shinmushi is so detachable and thanks to that it is possible to combine different colored parts. For example, on a green Frogster Fly you can put a black belly from Abuzerami. You can also replace the rubber feet with other materials - which we do not recommend, however, because the feet are made of a special material that emits vibrations when pulling. Manufacturers often complicate their products by adding various moving parts that tend to break down. The DUO focused on the base itself - the bait material. Instead of the movable wings, Shinmushi's solid ones are made of elastomer, which is soft but at the same time strong and durable. The body itself is made of a durable plastic compound. Fantastic color combinations with special treatment are the work of Mr. Aiba, who belongs to the absolute top in his field.

How to guide Realis Shinmushi:
Cicada management is basically simple and is very similar to floating Spinbaits. The basis is a continuous attraction at medium speeds, where the wobbler oscillates from side to side thanks to the special shape of the wings and makes a lot of information known about itself. The movement resembles a drowning insect. This classic lead is good to occasionally interrupt with a pause and a very gentle twitch to irritate the predators to attack. With a little practice, you can learn a gentle movement, where only small ripples come from the bait, even though the bait practically does not move. This gentle movement is often most effective, especially at large thicknesses, when they collect insects from the surface.

  • color Sunset Moth
  • length 4 cm
  • weight 5.7 g
  • floating - surface
  • suitable for perch, fat, sore, ...
  • Type of Wobbler Pencils/Jerks
  • Length of Lure 0 to 40 mm
  • Diving of Wobbler Floating
  • Swimming Depth 0 m - Surface

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